Combat Baseball Bats
#1 Selling Baseball Bat - The Combat B3 SL -10
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The ideal bat for the travel ball player. The B3 SL -10 is USSSA stamped and approved for 2012 tournament play.

  • ​​Senior League 2 5/8" Barrel
  • -10 Sizes Available 29/19, 30/20, 31,21, and 32, 22oz. 
  • 100% Composite Construction For The Ultimate Feel. 
  • Extra Long Barrel For A Massive Sweet Spot.
Meets the baseball BPF 1.15 standard and is certified by USSSA
Buy It Now. Get It Tomorrow.
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What are the most common mistakes made on the baseball field?

  1. Choppers - Choppe
  2. Low liner short hops
  3. Line drives right at outfielders
  4. ​​Priorities plays
  5. Pop-ups to the catcher
  6. Wild pitches
  7. Failure to backup
  8. Holding baserunners
  9. Situational hitting
  10. Baserunning on bloopers 
  11. Bunt coverage
  12. First and third situations
  13. Cutoffs
  14. Pitcher fielding plays
  15. Communication
  16. Bad hops

Choppers happen when a ball is hit directly into the ground and ​​the ball bounces high into the air. This is a tough play because you need to read the spin and the bounce of the ball. Often times fielders are caught in between hops and don't know whether to charge the ball or wait on it. The fix is to practice this specific play until the fielder can know instinctively how to approach the ball based on spin, bounce, and speed. In general charge. 

Low Liner Short Hops

These are the laser beams hit just off the dirt on the infield. These balls are traveling fast and typically don't bounce very high. They're prone to hitting rocks and scooting the side due to their rapid spin and high velocity. ​​​​​​​The fix is repetition.

Line Drive Directly at Outfielders

This play ​​​​

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